Bunkers Hill Cultural Xperience and River Tour

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With the gushing waters of the Tangle River, which flows into the Martha Brae, creating the spine of the five-acre property, this cultural enclave captures the history of Jamaica and gives one the opportunity to live and breathe its essence.
As you enter the caves on the banks of the river, for example, you can see the writings and carvings of the Taino people who once inhabited it; or hike a few miles and bravely climb the steep cliffs to a cave which sustained Cudjoe and his men in their effort to evade the British. 
Beyond the caves lies the ruins of the Dromilly Great House, and the site where Cudjoe and his men ambushed British troops around 1795.


Our Story

Bunkers Hill Cultural Xperine

Bunkers Hill is a cultural experience and river tour located in Trelawny which features a botanical garden, cascading waterfalls and a huge cave, believed to be used as a hideout by chief of the Maroons Cudjoe, and his followers in the 18th century.


We were established in 2014 by Clover and O'Brian Gordon, who fell in love with the site in Trelawny and have been slowly building the business ever since. 



Everything about the Bunkers Hill Cultural Xperience is authentically Jamaican.

The drinks and meals are served in painted enamel cups and plates along with the utensils Jamaicans used in the 19th to mid-20th centuries; or, on banana leaves, carefully cleaned calabash shells, as was the practice of the Maroons. These traditions are also kept alive by their descendants in some rural Jamaican communities.

The operation provides an employment and production boon in the community, giving its mainly farming constituents an additional source of income. It already employs 10 people part-time; and, with its upcoming launch and expansion, there will be a need for additional cooks, tour guides, lifeguards, and others.